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Buying and Trading Bitcoin with ANZ Bank

Bitcoin Trading – The Basics Bitcoin is a digital currency that cuts out the middleman – banks – and makes transactions cheap. So what is trading bitcoin and why would you need a bank? At its most basic, bitcoin trading is buying and selling bitcoin. Bitcoin is frequently traded like stocks, rather than currency, with … Read more

Crypto Trading Through CommSec and CommBank

What does it mean for banks like CommBank and CommSec brokerage as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading grow in popularity?  Bitcoin Trading – The Basics Bitcoin is a form of digital or cryptocurrency, meaning there’s no physical form for it as there is paper money for checking and savings accounts. The government does not regulate … Read more

How to Buy Bitcoin Locally in Australia (in 2021)


Bitcoin has swiftly taken the lead in cryptocurrency trading in Australia. The market shows no signs of slowing and continues to garner trading activity nationwide, illustrated by the rising number of Bitcoin ATMs and digital exchanges each year. This is a perfect time to enter into Bitcoin trading, as opportunities abound. See the guide below … Read more

How to Sell Bitcoin in Australia

sell bitcoins

Bitcoin – The Basics Bitcoin is a form of digital currency. It does not use intermediates like countries or banks for transactions. Bitcoin allows users to make secure and private transactions with fewer fees than traditional currency.   And to help you navigate through Bitcoin a little better, these are some facts about it: How Popular … Read more